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"America needs new immigrants to love and cherish it." Eric Hoffer, American philosopher and author
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About David Lin, Immigration Attorney

Hello and welcome!

I am David Lin, an immigration attorney who provides legal assistance to individuals from other countries relocating to, or visiting, the United States. I also represent small to mid-sized U.S. businesses that employ immigrant workers. I appreciate your visit to my website and trust you will find information here that will help you to make informed decisions. My goal is to assist you in addressing your personal or business immigration circumstances in a timely and effective manner.

Immigration is the act of moving from one country to another with the intent of living, working, or studying in the new c
ountry. The United States welcomes immigrants from around the world, but there are government-mandated processes that must be followed for immigration to be successful. Those processes are managed and ruled by a web of immigration laws that are complex and can be intimidating to anyone who must comply with them. The U.S. immigration laws have been amended many times and continue to experience frequent changes. That is why I am here to help.