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"America needs new immigrants to love and cherish it." Eric Hoffer, American philosopher and author
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Potential Entrepreneur Visa: EB-6--Create Jobs, Get a Green Card

Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar on February 24, 2010 introduced a new bill in Congress seeking to drive job creation and increasing America's competitiveness by helping immigrant entrepreneurs. If the bill is enacted into law, the Startup Visa Act of 2010 would create a two year visa for entrepreneurs who are able to raise a minimum of $250,000, with $100,000 coming from a qualified U.S. angel or venture investor. After two years, if the entrepreneur is able to create five or more jobs, attract an additional $1 million in investment, or produce $1 million in revenues, he or she will get a green card.

The bill is not so much a trailblazer as it is a rehash of the EB-5 class of visas. However, some opposition to this bill is expected. If you would like to show your support for the Startup Visa, please visit
this site to see what you can do to help.